Atmaneyam Trust - Our Roots

Sairuchira Bhojan Inc is a Not for Profit Organisation, incorporated in the USA (A 501 (c) org, TAX ID: 47-4326890 ). Founded by Janaki & and her husband Mohan along with a host of well wishers. Long before setting up of Sairuchira Bhojan, the couple took every opportunity to cook food for the lord (Prasadam) and serve at Sri Lakshmi Temple in Ashland, MA and Sai Chavdi, Canton, MA. In addition, the couple had been supporting charitable causes in India and the USA. After Setting up Sairuchira Bhojan, they have successfully raised funds for their charitable causes using the proceeds from catering they provide for religious and secular events for the past few years. As a next evolution in the pursuit of their twin interests, they have set up Atmaneyam Charitable trust to fund activities in India using the proceeds from Sairuchira Bhojan and like-minded donors.

Atmaneyam Trust was established on 5th October, 2017 in India.

Our Goals

Atmaneyam Trust is based on the following Goals::

1. Free Medical Care and required Nutritional Supplements for treating Tuberculosis patients whose social and financial status do not allow them to get them easily.

2. Empower Women to prepare them be self-sufficient to support themselves and their families.

3. Supplemental Educational Assistance to young children.

Mission, Vision, and Value

To enable Trustees to advance goodwill through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the rise in quality of life.

Founder's Vision

To enrich the human experience of TB patients, women, and children with hope, strength, and joy.

Statement of Values

Core values are the glue that bind our staff, volunteers, and healthcare workers together towards our common mission. Core values that form the foundation of Atmaneyam Trust are:

  • Community: Give each and every member a sense of belonging and ownership
  • Communication: Express and accept ideas for the betterment of communities we support
  • Commitment: Provide every member the sustained support and care to stand tall
  • Compassion: Empathy towards every member by placing each of them first