Atmaneyam - Medical Care

The Trust is currently helping 21 Tuberculosis (TB) Patients with their basic needs for nutritional food which goes hand in hand with the medication and treatment they already receive. The trust provides required Nutritional Supplements and Care.

These patients are from in and around Ambattur (a suburb in Chennai, India) living under conditions not conducive to their physical status. Each patient has their own personal experience dealing with the illness, the suffering and the hardship one has to go through (please visit our website for these real-life stories).

The ages of these patients vary widely ranging from 3-year old girl (daughter of a laborer and a housewife) to a 45-year old man (with two daughters going to school to support) to a 71-year old man who recovered from drinking habits and now gets proper treatment and nutrition.

Length of Treatment: 6 months - 1 year.

Atmaneyam - Women Empowerment

The Trust is currently supporting 36 individual women in and around the Ambattur area (a suburb in Chennai, India) where poverty strangles rural women despite their hard work and creative skills. The trust is providing them with the necessary tools to prepare these women for self-employment and achieve self-reliance.

Like the Tuberculosis patients, these poor women do have their own stories of suffering and hardship due to the loss of their close ones and/or due to being left alone with no one to support.

Three tailoring and embroidery teachers have been assigned the task to train these 36 women in 6 batches. This training will go for 6 months. The Trust will work on helping them finding a job to support themselves and their families during and after the training. There will be classroom teaching and then practical work.

Trust will develop learning material and teaching aids to assist the training and will focus mainly on clothing for women and children.

Atmaneyam - Educational Assistance

This project is currently under way and the focus is to provide educational assistance to those children who are financially unable to receive additional assistance outside of their schools. The Trust is providing the children with educational supplies for the school year.

The Trust will be reaching out to individuals who will assist in conducting tuition classes after school hours. The end goal is to ensure the children who come to receive the training are focused and perform well in school and in board exams to be at par with the other children. (The children also get some light refreshments when they come for classes)

All the teaching will be provided by volunteers who are ready to transfer their knowledge to these children who wish to work hard and succeed.

Future Projects

Mobile Hospital - Regular Medical checkups for needy in Rural areas.
Deafblind Services - Assistance in domestic day-to-day activities.